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الله أكبر الله أكبر الله اكبر الله أكبر ولله الحمد

Al-Ehsan Program & Guidance

  1. Travel information: on 7 Dul Hujja , the time of presence at the airport : two hours before taking off.
  2. We recommend to use small suitcases in stead of big suitcases since the period is short to avoid any inconvenience for others.
  3. The hajj trip guide will be waiting for you in King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah , and he will guide you to have your seats in the buses. We kindly request to commit to the bus number and seat number defined in the tickets and card.  As for woman , the rear door is assigned for them to get on and down of the bus. As you arrive at Jeddah Airport, make sure that all your baggage are complete and you put them in the right bus.
  4. make sure that your family members are in the same bus and see them get on the bus through the rear door before you get on through the front door.
  5. Make sure you get on the right bus and you occupy the right seat according to your number.
  6. We advise to put on the hajj card all the time and to take care of it.
  7. Each bus has a guide whose task is to make the bus arrive at the destination as soon as possible. Read More

Office was established Elehsan for the Hajj and Umrah before as an office official after the adoption of the organization to the offices of Hajj by the Ministry of Pilgrimage and Endowments Arabia in 1411 , corresponding to 1991 were registered office of the ministry under the number ( 280 ) as " a campaign of Elehsan for the Hajj and Umrah ," and in 1423 turned the office into a company to be named the new Company Elehsan campaign to serve the pilgrims from within his own new statement ( 10160 ) to replace the old named .

        It was the Department of the campaign prior experience in the field of Hajj and Umrah for several years came to this organization and integral to correcting the situation of workers in this field so that it becomes all the services provided to the pilgrims subject to the regulations and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

        The famous company by organizing delegations of pilgrims under the name of " campaign of Elehsan for the Hajj and Umrah " and became the most famous of the fire on the flag in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries surrounding the byword in the level of services provided and the full commitment contracts , has extended its services to European countries and America through relationships private individuals , sometimes through some Islamic centers under the guidance of some officials who have indicated they deal with the campaign and we have paid it , thank God, to enhance our services year after year

        The company focuses on the case and knowledge in the field of Hajj and Umrah to the importance of this aspect in achieving one of the most important goals of the pilgrimage is the view of the Prophet peace be upon him , "Take Me rituals " and said, " Pray as you have seen me praying " Venmutir always clarify Sunan fully in the process of residence and movement and Timings for it it is not appropriate to pay the man his money and empties his time and then comes a time of worship targeted Vezag all achieved fully , which has exhausted the money , effort and time for the sake of performance, and this is , unfortunately, are seeking many of the campaigns to ignore it to collect more profits and reduce effort.

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